The Captain´s First Choice

Ships are larger, traffic denser and time for important decision making even less. Thus, information management is the No.1 issue for 21st century navigation. SAM Electronics new Platinum series radar provides the navigator with the right information for the right decision at the right time. Designed to exceed customer needs, the innovative and ergonomic design provides unprecedented levels of user friendliness and safe operation for experts and novices alike. When it comes to radar, the RADARPILOT Platinum is the captain's first choice.

Mimic Radar compFunctional Package “Radar“

  • IP Radar
  • High resolution wide screen displays
  • Built-in radar interswitch
  • Tracking of up to 100 Radar and 1000 AIS targets
  • Automatic clutter suppression
  • Enhanced small target detection
  • Built-in performance monitor
  • Multi-layer display of user chart and track data
  • 5 different brightness settings for day and night
  • Favourite user settings
  • Man overboard button
  • S-Mode
  • Type approved as MKD for AIS 3410
  • Integrated display and operation of VDR 4350
  • Easy to operate either by trackball or functional radar keyboard
  • Online operators manual and user help function

Functional Package “Advanced Radar“

Upgrade your RADARPILOT with additional functionality via a simple software licence. A fast trouble-free procedure adapts your radar to specific needs, including a conning display and other highly advanced features.

  • All “Radar“ features
  • On-screen NAVTEX up dates
  • Tides and current display
  • Remote maintenance function
  • Integrated conning page
  • Output for conning display