Naval Navigation

Naval Navigation

Baynunah 10Sophisticated Integrated Bridge Systems for Naval Ships

For more than 10 years Wärtsilä Valmarine has developed and supplied Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) for high profile naval ships known as NaviNet.

The Wärtsilä NaviNet IBS includes a complete range of multi-functional workstations that form an extremely versatile and redundant system. Each workstation is a master containing all software for all applications, meaning that the system is not client/server based. It offers a full range of functions such as Navigation Radar, WECDIS, Conning Display and Sonar Display as well as the possibility to integrate several other systems. A variety of military and commercial radar heads may be employed as sensors. NaviNet IBS offers full interfacing capabilities towards market leading Combat Management Systems, Platform Management Systems, Integrated Automation Systems, INS and more. Ships with full integration between IBS and IPMS have been in service for several years. Furthermore, the IBS may be interfaced with a variety of other sensors and sub-systems.

Very advanced integration technology allows all applications to be selected, monitored and even operated from any NaviNet workstation. This provides unmatched flexibility and redundancy. If one section of the systems should become inoperative, all functions will be fully accessible from any of the other Multi-Functional Workstations (MFWs) on board.

Wärtsilä NaviNet IBS is based on rugged COTS components certified for the marine environment, which allows easy future upgrading of hardware and software. MIL STD components are optional. Quality assurance of software development and documentation follow MIL STD guidelines.

Visby 2 crop Wärtsilä NaviNet IBS may be designed according to customers’ requirements in order to deliver optimal performance and may reduce manning requirements. The system may be supplied complete with ergonomic bridge consoles and operator’s chairs with integrated control panels, or as a kit that may be built into any console design.




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