Naval Radar Systems

Many naval customers have long term relations with different companies with respect to the supply of radar sensors and do not necessarily find it desirable to change the make of the sensors for new or retrofit projects. On the other hand, many customers wish to benefit from the scalability and flexibility of the NaviNet radar tracking system with its multi-function workstations. The expertise and experience gained by L-3 Valmarine from various naval projects benefits a customer who is looking for a tailor made integration of radar sensors into a modern IBS system, ranging from advanced complex solutions to standard arrangements.

Examples of existing radar sensors interfaced to NaviNet IBS are Sea Giraffe AMB, Terma frequency diversity, SAAB FMCW/LPI , GEM frequency diversity, Sperry Marine BME and L-3 SAM Electronics.

Features may include:

  • The NaviNet radar system features flexible interfacing capabilities for different types of radars of pulsed and/or and coherent radar sensors.
  • Interfacing can be extended as per system design to supply raw video from navigation radar sensors to other platform systems to facilitate redundancy and tactical benefits.
  • Stable tracking of a high number of targets supported with quality figures for each target under track is available.
  • Integration of helicopter tracking systems for display of helicopter targets as radar video and/or synthetic targets.
  • Combination of AIS/WAIS and radar targets being tracked can be displayed in correlated or selected mode.
  • Targets from Combat Management Systems can be displayed with integrated common target identification numbers.
  • Targets under track can be exported to external systems for tactical purposes.
  • Clutter attenuation of the radar sensor can be integrated to combine functionality in the radar tracker/scan converter or/and in the radar sensor itself.
  • The radar display contains all basic IMO required functionalities via interactive and intuitive menus which is and can be adapted to the radar sensor used in the project.